Infant’s Care (6 weeks-18 months)


We offer a full- time/full -day care for infants. Our program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of each child individually, rather then as a whole group, thereby ensuring that we meet each childs individual needs. Personalized schedules and feeding times allows and encourages each child to develop at his/her own pace, Caring and nurturing are so important at this delicate phase; our program offers lots of one on one attention ensuring lots of cuddles, hugs and love.

Self- Awareness is a large part of infant development thus; we stimulate our infants with several sensorial experiences throughout our days. Each child’s day is carefully charted, allowing parents to see daily events and shared experiences as well as eating, sleeping and bowel movement documenting. Our infant program offers individualized focus on Muscle and Motor control skills; focusing on strength, flexibility and tone. Our kids are encouraged to explore their world through time spent outdoors as well as indoors. Our atmosphere is perfect for growing little minds and bodies. Each child is stimulated through educational toys, equipment, crafts and song.