Personalized schedules and feeding times allows and encourages each child to develop at his/her own pace. Caring and nurturing are so important at this delicate phase; our program offers lots of one on one attention ensuring lots of cuddles, hugs and love.
Each child is delicately guided through our various stimulating activities throughout the day. Cognitive activities, sensorial, pre-reading and letter recognition, gaining strength in fingers and pencil control as well as placement.
Preschoolers are exposed to many new stimulating concepts to ensure a rich development in all areas of learning. In our program, concepts such as Numbers, Letters and their sounds are now being finely developed

A Few Words About Our Centre

Building Blocks Montessori and Preschool in Milton offers a unique twist in learning by integrating Early Childhood Teachings with Montessori equipment. The Montessori philosophy seeks as it’s goal, an independant, self-directed child. By pursuing a child’s individual interests in the Early Childhood/Montessori classroom, children gain an early enthusiasm for learning which is the key to becoming a truly educated person.

More About Us


Our centre provides the following services

Language Skills

Starting child reading and writing


Introducing counting and arithmetic

Sensorial Activities

Enhance and enlarge the child’s sense perceptions of the world

Practical Activities

Develop personal and social skills used in daily living


Growing your childs self esteem through positive reinforcement 


Physical science, history, geography, anthropology and biology.


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